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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

What is the rate per session?
The rate per session is determined by the student's level of advancement in a particular subject (e.g elementary math vs. high school math).  Full sessions begin at $45 each. 

How long is each session?

Each full session lasts for 1 hour.  Particularly for younger students, a 1/2 hour session can be arranged and will be charged at 50% of the full session fee.

Where are sessions held?
Sessions can be held at the student's home, the teacher's home or another location, such as a library.   The best location should be comfortable, convenient and effective for the learning process.

What is the contract length?
You need not sign a long-term contract.  While some students benefit from weekly sessions throughout the school year, others may only require a few sessions to "brush up" or to get through a particularly difficult period.  However, a minimum of 2 full sessions is required to provide the best possible instruction and evaluation.

What materials are used?
We prefer to work with the materials provided by the student's daily instructor to help maintain focus and to insure continuity and reinforcement.  If in the teacher's professional opinion, a student would benefit from supplemental material, it will be recommended.

Who do we pay?

AIM Group handles all of the administrative functions to allow the teacher to focus on teaching.  All sessions are pre-paid so that you do not need to worry about payment on the day of instruction.